Last year, a week after our annual event “I Simply Love Her™,” I lost
very important information because I experienced the dreaded “blue
screen” on my laptop.  It was one of those moments you never want to
experience again; that is when I implemented the thumb drive and
Google doc’s method to back up my information.

It’s actually quite hilarious— at times you will see me walking around with a
lanyard thumb drive around my neck as if it were a fierce
piece of accessorized jewelry. But it is crucially necessary because
of the content we create on a consistent basis. I just had one of my
friends tell me the same thing: his computer crashed and he
discovered that he had this ability to create a hard drive and he was
able to keep all of his music and files. Since he is a music buff he
needed to save it or else… I am glad I was not around for this— you
don’t know what goes on with all the CD’s he has! LOL

We are created to create and some us love to journal or write our
ideas down, but for those who do this via computer, it’s important to remember to back things up or all is lost— and as you know, most creative
ideas are downloaded in a moment and can be lost.  Hope this helps you
to create a back up method for your creations; let us know what you
use to back up your innovative ideas!!

Go and Get a Back up Method. Remember… it is better to do in the beginning so you can avoid the pain of kicking yourself later!

Proverbs 8:12 -Wisdom dwells with prudence, and find out knowledge of
witty inventions.


Rhonda Ferebee Hammond

Positive With Purpose, LLC

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Tell us what how you back up your information and what has helped you.