I just came back from a wonderfully exhilarating, spirit-filled trip to the beautiful state of Virginia— boy was it much-needed! It just so happens to be one of my favorite states. Every time I go it excites me to see all the greenery, water, and sites. On a deeper level, for me it is a place of reflection— a place where I come alive and my mind gives birth to an array of ideas. On the way down my girlfriend and I had many conversations regarding dreams, goals and things you would like to do in life, things we are afraid to do, and just shear thought provoking moments of joy! Eventually I would marvel at how that very same discussion was mirrored in other conversations on the trip with people who weren’t even in the car with us when we said it. Too Funny!!!!

We were treated like royalty as we arrived, albeit exhausted, on Friday night. After a good night’s sleep, we woke Saturday and prepared ourselves for a great day of fellowship with friends I had met online some years ago, but had never met in person; this would be our first face-to-face encounter!

It’s so funny— although we were simply Internet pen pals, there was an innate sense of familiarity between us. It was as though we had known each other for a lifetime. And in the midst of the sweet communion we were in awe at God— how He moves and speaks to us and reveals things right where we are in a way that proves we are truly in His presence.

In the midst of leaving, you could feel a shift in the atmosphere; the sky opened up and the rain started to pour, blanketing that big ol’ park in Williamsburg. Then confirmation came from all of those things that were uttered during our drive that makes your heart say, “God you are so amazing!”

On what was a sunny day in May, clouds filled the sky, hovering over us, and buckets of rain poured over the pavilion. A cool breeze of wind brushed across my face— it was a sensation I will never forget. I closed my eyes and listened as the prayers went forth, as the songs of praise went forth and spirits were restored. “Oh my,” is all I could say.

We finished our last day with swimming and fun with the kids and family, and then packed up the car and headed home. That was our weekend of change. We will never be the same; our faith and revelation of the love of God was taken up one more notch. What’s more, our desire to do greater works was catapulted! With all the newness of Gods plans for us we were a bit tired, yet simultaneously refreshed because we had some new things on the horizon so as to fulfill our destiny.

As I drove down the highway with my girlfriend I told her I could not wait to come back and start to add things to my P.W.R.L list.  Maybe you remember the list: 30 days of Prayer, Walking, Reading, and newly added Laughter (or perhaps lunch: I made a promise to begin preparing my lunch for the next month in order to save and eat better. LOL). I had been so consistent with the plan and have seen results, that even though the vacation was miraculous and I could stay for weeks, the next day was approaching and I was ready to get back to the routine and prepare for the week.

The 30-Day P.W.R.L has become a part of our family’s routine; every Sunday night, we map out our goals on a small dry erase board. The kids keep us all accountable. Suffice it to say, the P.W.R.L has definitely contributed to the success of many things for me in the last month.

Today we are back in full force with our blogs and clients. As I prepare for my R (on the list) I ran past a video that from Bill Hybels that  confirms just what is needed to get to the goal at hand: PURPOSE. Read!!!! Read something new everyday and consistently put in new fresh information in your mind.  God is waiting to give you a fresh revelation on the questions you are asking Him. Read!!!!

Tell us your thoughts about being renewed, as well as thoughts about our vacation. Oh yes… and tell us what you’re currently reading or something from your “To-Read” List.

Rhonda Ferebee Hammond

Remember… “When you Dream you allow others to Dream.”

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