Yesterday I shared a tip with my group Infinite Vending on Face book about Constant Visioning. If you don’t know Infinite Vending is a networking group on Face book (going live soon) that supports Direct Sales, Authors, Speakers, Life Coaches and various other types of businesses with search help for events, advertising and sponsorships. The room is fantastic and growing by the minute and a great resource room for information to grow your biz.

Anyway the tip I shared with them to help keep their goals readily visual is by utilizing a great function by Google.
Yes I said it, Google has an option to use a themed background when opening your email. You can sign into your email and then it will give you an option to have a themed background. Go to this option on the bottom right side of the search page after you sign in your email account and upload a picture of your Vision/Dream Board if you have one and if you don’t (see me it is utterly important that you do!!!) back to the good stuff, upload the picture and now you have a collage of images of your goals that you can see every time you open up your email and let’s say that is most likely pretty frequent.

I hope you enjoy this feature and use it to help with your goals and dreams.

Remember to Dream Big (Blessings In God) and get back to us and tell us if this helped you.

” When you Dream you allow others to Dream”
Be blessed On Purpose

Rhonda Ferebee Hammond
Dream Coach