Our tradition is to put up all of our holiday decorations after my daughter’s birthday, which happens to be tomorrow Yeah!!!! Being born in December as some of you know has to be hard because you have your birthday and a major holiday in the same month and sometimes you kinda of get pushed to the side and that is why we wait until after so we can celebrate my oldest girls day.  Well this year my youngest is a bit excited and 12/1/11 he went and started to decorate on his own (Big Red bow on the door).  Well now that he did that, he put his mother in the holiday mood and I wanted to giveaway a free gift.  


Last year I was given a special gift from one of my besties and first when I read it I said “wow this is a bit too much.” I said that because it deals with some at home stuff that you may have been avoiding in the process of losing weight, but is important in the healing process.  The book is called A Course in Weight loss by Marianne Williamson and can I tell you this book was awesome??  As a visionary and goal setter I thought to myself as I was cleaning my office this weekend I am sure some of you are getting ready to work on some weight loss goals and by far this is a book that needs to be added to your book shelf for reading.  


Well you can join is in reading it by entering to get it for free.  All you need to do is ” Like US on Facebook” or refer others to like us and you will be entered to win and we will send you the book free for you to read during the Holidays. 


Head on over to our page and hit Like and we will announce on 12/20/11 who is the winner of the book and get it right out. 


I hope you love it as much as I did and are truly blessed just like I was.