It’s official !!!!! It is the last quarter of 2011

Now maybe you experienced an incredible year like we did and we hope you did. 2011 was a year of great reflections, great relationships, new outlook and a new level of goals.

I remember back in May I met with a group of teen girls to train them on they putting together their vision boards and they took the world by storm. These girls have done amazing things and all I can think of is this these girls are focused. They have a made up their minds about their future, have great leadership, mentors that are rearing them in the right directions and they have goals. Yes even at 13 years proves you can start that early. Next we are going to a marriage workshop to do the same in December and this will be awesome to see what comes to the table. Stay tuned!!!!!

Did you write goals at this young age? Do you have goals now? Is your vision clear and concise? And are you working on it everyday?

If you said yes to one of these questions then by golly you are on the path to creating a life of purpose on purpose

If you said no to most of these questions, then by golly we have some work to do.

Here is the deal plain and simple; it’s not to late and you can start where you are.

For the next 100 days join me in this last quarter.

Personal, family, business or other
Let’s work on a huge goal and keep each other accountable

Here is a link below to help you get started and reach out to me and let me know how you are doing.

“Remember when you Dream you help others Dream” in this last quarter let’s get it done!!!

Rhonda Ferebee Hammond
Christian Dream Coach
Positive With Purpose, LLC