About 5 years ago I purchased my home as is, although it needed a little TLC it has been a home to which I have grown to love. The kids have great friends that come over and we have great neighbors and it has just been a blessing to live there.

In the process of updating the house the yard just needed drastic help, because it had 2 trees one in my yard and one in the neighbor’s yard. The lawn had moss from the overgrown roots that had taken over all the nutrients to feed the grass. Year after year we tried grass seed and it would not take because of the sandy soil and the roots, but last year we had a new neighbor move in and she removed her tree and basically re-did her whole yard.

What happened next?? We would not give up on this lawn and my husband made an another attempt to get a different kind of grass seed and gathered my sons friends to help turn over the lawn. -I watched from the window with a smile.

Now this is where it is funny!!! Last weekend after all that rain we needed to mow the yard because it had grown out of control and when we did, we noticed that the lawn has grown in places that we never had grass, the lawn is so thick and rich it almost looks like sod, and I just keep thinking to myself ” it is the most beautiful grass I have seen and I can’t believe it really all grew in.”

I told my husband again it just proves when you don’t give up on something you believe in you never know what will happen we just trust God in every step of the way.

In all that we do we must continue to plant seeds in our children, work,our dreams,businesses and ministry. Keep planting seeds with a heart of joy and expectation, pray that your harvest will be bountiful and the God who supplies all of our needs will bless in dew season.

Ecclesiastes 11:6
GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

6 Plant your seed in the morning, and don’t let your hands rest until evening. You don’t know whether this field or that field will be profitable or whether both of them will turn out equally well.

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