Never Give up!!!!

It was summer, hot, really hot and the heat was turned up even in life. All I could see was the things that were going wrong and not looking at the very blessings of God that were taking place. It was the pressure of the purpose in the face of the promise. In the mist of great trials there is always a silver lining and I knew it to be true because God speaks it all the time. Tuesday, thinking of all that I had been through, all that was in front of me and my perception of it gave me a sudden epiphany. Quickly I updated my status on my Facebook wall “I won’t give up it’s not an option” because it really isn’t. I then walk in the store and there is a book that says ‘Don’t give up’ it is just like that for God to speak and confirm a thing to me in something that He knows will grab my attention. I then go to my class that same night and here is the song “Heaven knows it’s not the way it should be” that song just rang down in my spirit, because at that moment I am in front of God asking him to make a thing clear to me so that I don’t miss it, asking God to help me understand some things. I had a smile on my face, knowing that He surrounds me all the while with His love and direction for me to walk in the path that He laid out before me directing my footsteps. That alone is enough to say God if you don’t do another thing for me I know you are there and I know you carry us through every step of the way and this journey is to enjoy and endure to the end.

When things get so unbearable and it seems as though you can no longer stand, remember that God only puts on you what you can bear. That God has such a great plan for you and that the very thing you are going through could be part of the process to bring out something so great in you or your love one that will blow your mind. God alone is God and all He wants us to do is Trust Him with it all and Never Give up!!!!!

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.
—Hebrews 10:23