Guest receive prizes for they items brought

So after a great event with The Circle of Ten girls and the Teen Circle on July 9, 2011 we had such a wonderful time at the Exchange swap at Exposed 2 Fashion store in Clementon, NJ. Well we were able to connect with many, exchange some, and give away much to other local organizations. After the cookies,fruit were gone and the people we boxed up all the left over items from our clean the clutter project and assigned them to different places to go. We had one basked left of kids books that we were going to toss or give to a day care, but I thought after meeting a woman who runs a literacy program how great it would be to give the books to her. I made a call and she agreed well yesterday my husband and I dropped them off and had a chance to look at the place, since it is not far from where we live and she said ” I have been cutting out my pictures from magazines so I can get my Vision Board together.”

You see when you talk about something that you are passionate about and people see the value in it, secretly they listen and start to apply it. I wouldn’t have known unless she told me, but I am glad she did and when I left I was bubbling with happiness on the inside. I can not wait to see what she does as a finished product and I also wondered what will she work on? Who knows, but sky is the limit, but I do know everyone one is talking about it!!!! Vision is so important in where you are going.

Remember to consider creating your board or book with your visual pictures!
Get help if you don’t know how!
Host a Vision Board Party for your friends they will forever love you for it.

Remember when you Dream you allow others to Dream.

Be blessed ON- PURPOSE

Rhonda Hammond
Positive With Purpose

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