Did you know what you focus on comes to you??

Yes it is true!

What you think about the most will come to you that is why it is important to keep a balance of POSITIVE Thoughts of equal proportion as it pertains to your life so that you do not miss a beat. Keep a balance between Spirituality, Family, Home, Career, and Business.

Today create a list of something you want to manifest ON Purpose.

Here are 5 Proven tips to create the vision you desire.

1. Create a list- Dream Big
2. Create a Visual of this list: Vision Board, Stickies, Pictures on your mirror
3. Create presentence affirmations and speak them everyday with authority- ” The new job that I am working at is great”
4. Believe it with your whole heart. -Faith is the substance of things hoped for-
5. See it everyday and be consistent, don’t waver from it

You watch what happens!!!

I just got off the phone with a client who told me the very thing she desired for so long was right there all along, but she was afraid to ask. Now the money showed up for the car she wants and she is on her way to pick up the thing she desired. Be faithful

God is God and Good ON PURPOSE.

You just have to Dream it, See it, Believe it and Do it.

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