Okay so may of you that know me know that I lost a great amount of weight some years back. Now what happened? The truth is this I had it all under the radar as I thought and that I did not have to work out everyday because the weight was gone. It is like having a chronic disease, being prescribed medication and being non-compliant. Wow…. when I said that I realized I am was a non-compliant to my obesity meds… (excercise). So now that I have made that confession. I have approached this thing head on again with GOD’S GREAT HAND ON MY LIFE. See surgery is not an option for me because weight gain is part of a bigger thing and candidly I know I have the power to do it. I have done it before and I will do it again. So to let you in on what my plan is for getting the weight off this time.

1. Prayer
2. To Do list
3. Walking
4. Working out- Chalene Johnson ~ Turbo Fire
5. Clean food- more veggies and raw foods
6. Journaling
7. A Course in Weight loss 21 Spiritual Lessons for surrendering your weight forever- Marianne Williamson

So far as you can see I am down 11 lbs and my next goal date is June 14th

I will keep you posted

Remember to Be blessed, Be Positive and Push toward Purpose