In this season of quietness you will see that many times we have to get quiet to prepare for what is next. We plan for ” I Simply Love Her” months out some times a year out to make sure that everything is done, but then we need to take a moment to come off the event much like a wedding and let what happened with the event saturate with us. This year much took place and now we are getting ready for a new season in our what God has called us to do. This season is a season of reflection and continued prayer in His presence as he gives us the next step we are GETTING READY. I guess there are many of us that are doing the same and I hope you are too with persevering with diligence.

1. To you stay in prayer
2. Listen and bask in the silence of what is going on around you.
3. Be obedient to the voice of God
4. Don’t give up
5. Remember God has a purpose and plan for everything.

I hope you enjoy your day and remember

Be blessed, Be Positive and Push towards Purpose