I had to stop by a moment to jot down a post since I was riding down the street and I had the thougt about negative talk.

My daughter is in the process of enrolling for college which should have been done but for a lack of a better word she is still growing up.. Yeahh!! But today she sent me a text and said “my day just keeps getting worse” I thought to myself “if you keep thinking that way then it will.

I remember 5 years ago and where my thought process was and yes I have matured because of age but I also want to see things differently I want t manifest the BIG in my life the Blessings in God. Years ago I would say oh my here is another Tuesday and all H** would break out. It would never fail I would always have mess show up in my life on a Tuesday.

Then I said ” I had enough” of course I prayed about it and removed the very thing that was causing the pain on Tuesday. No you will not be able to change every issue or problem but you can change the way that you look at a thing. She has not come home yet but I am going to tell her the next time say the rest of my day will be great and even though things come up it will be great because what you speak out of your mouth, feel in your heart, think in your brain will manifest itself in your life.

To you today I hope you day is well because I must say this is one of the best Tuesdays I have had in a long time. I see it, I embrace it and I encourage great days ahead. I am off to the gym to get my body to match up with what I feel inside. Great!!! Have a blessed and wonderful rest of your day