I know I may be late in the game, but I have started to look into a new routine. I ran into a friend at the super market that told me about a class near where we live for $7.00 I can Zumba my lbs off. Oh I did not tell you all that I have joined the biggest loser at work. It has to be done the pot is a whopping $425.00 and counting. So I take a look at YouTube and check it out so I know what I am in for. Wow!! Can I say Wow!! Umm this was serious. Last night was my first night not my last but my first because this could be a mommy night out. I am going to go once a week and take it from there. Can I say drenched? My son said mom wow!! Well I will let you know how it goes. I am loving it.

Tell me your thoughts. It was a killer but at 1093 calories burned in one hour come on it is work it.