A thought

I know many of you are still fresh into the New Year with 12 days in and still should be on fire for your goals. I heard this today that put a spin on the outlook of resolutions.

Resolution is a thing you intend to do where declaration is so bold and it says you declare a thing, you will do a thing. When I heard this it just clicked in my soul to declare a thing, just like other things we have faith in. When we set up to do a thing we say that “I am going to get that house” not to be materialistic but another example ” Those boots will be mine” See we should declare a thing not resolute to lose weight, or to be on time. It changes it to a bold confession, boldly and confidently saying is so, bringing it into fruition.

2009, if you remember my declaration is that it will be a Divine 2009 and ” I am on His Mind in 2009″ not that you are not, but I am passionate that God will hear me this year in many ways, he always does, but I am talking to him so personal this year see he is my friend, my lover, my mother, my father; He is awesome so I want to get to another level with my creator.

So from this day that God gives you and me divine wisdom I change my resolutions to Divine Declarations. I am writing them down, making them clear, working and making them concise. He has done so many things for me in my life I am determined to check off my desires and dreams.

I want to challenge you to Declare those things in your life, write them down and check them off this year as they are done. One more thing if you are a visionary like me and have a vision board, work on adding to this your new declarations.

Post them in your bathroom, around your house, and on your PC if you check http://www.catalogyourdreams.com you can look at your vision board on as your desktop so it is constantly in your face. When a thing looks you dead in your eye you have to look it back and face it.

To you declare your future, declare your goals, declare you’re Purpose and of course be Positive

Phil 3:14 Press towards the mark

He’s Concerned about you,


© Rhonda Ferebee- Positive with Purpose