So  I show up today after working hard and a long commute to my sons jamboree, aisles of cars, park lot full, hot dog line long, we show up for the first of many games.  While speaking to my mothers old friend she mentions to me Brian Dawkins from the Philadelphia Eagles was at today’s game.  I did not want to tell her I kind of knew who he was, but I really did not know he was (sorry I am a basketball girl). 

See this is the year that I have commited my mind to learn and have a positive attitude about football, in the past it has not been my favorite sport.  Why?  It is cold, it is 5 months,  it is everyday in August, need I say more.  But since my son will not quite and dead set on making his momma proud and rich, then I switched my perception into a gotta love it football mama.

So I walk over, attempt to sit down and watch the game and my other son makes me mad because he decides to walk off to see Brian Dawkins instead of getting my chair.  Yes I flipped, in an effort to get an autograph he approches him and gets  a “Whats up man?” ummm. 

It was funny to hear different conversations of others on their opinion of why this man should give them his autograph.  Yes he is a celebrity, but one thing that keeps me on the church choir instead of doing my solo thing, haaaaaaaaaaaa that was a joke.  It is the blah, the paparazzi, the bling, the hype. He is just like any of us, a person.  Why do people think that just because he comes to a game to watch his son he must be obliged to sign autographs?  It is a Friday and he is enjoying his sons game just like the people next to me. 

The crowd is literally upset a man says “You have one time for me to ask for your autograph and that is it” another girl “Why is he going to wear his expensive watch out here to a game in township?”  I laughed. 

His son, a game,   Hey I empathize with him some days you are tired, celebrity or not, you days when you don’t want to work.  I think if that song “People are People so why can’t that be”  I hope those are the words, those are my words anyway.

Just because he wants to watch his son and spend time does not mean he is any less a football player celebrities need to have lives as well. Just as you support the Eagles and watch him play today he supported his son at a game giving fatherly support.  Our children need us every day  and I can’t imagine his son sacrifices he shares his father with the world give him one game.