I’m sure most of you heard and if not the terrible news that Reverend Timothy Wright was in an accident coming back from the COGIC Aim convention during this Fourth of July weekend.  Timothy Wright sings the song “You must come in at the door” and other acclaimed songs.   Reportedly the Reverend was in the car with wife, son and grandson  while driving  through Pennsylvania the Wife of  Wright and grandson did not make it and passed during this tragedy.  Spared still Reverend Wright and son remain in the hospital fighting for recovery . 



 When the accident first occurred  Timothy and son were both on life support  holding on to Gods unchanging hands  and the family of the Wrights were asked a day after if they wanted to stop life support or continue.  Here is the question “Is this protocol or non-faith?  We have always heard of people holding on for 10 days with the grim out come from physicians that your love one will not make it when infact they do.  We have seen people live 7 years on life support and still have a chance to wake up and live normal lives.  After one day giving the family an option to make that kind of decision seems absurd and faithless.  Is our health care based on Finance?  Do we believe that even a man of God in his worst cirucmstance has a chance at survival? 

Faith or Finance?  Is everything about the dollar?